Has good retentive mind and capable of being a fine initiator. A good word to describe them would be 'timid'. It's a fuzzy concept, you see They keep pushing themselves forward until they have the results that they want, and do not back down. They like intense and complicated music and the rhythmic side of them is even present in the way that they talk. When expected to keep up their end of a conversation though, they may have difficulty or take a while saying very much, which may give the impression of a sluggish mind to one more socially suited.
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What is Temperament?

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It is far too complex! According to his theory on how the libido develops, during infancy, the sexual drive is focused on the mouth, primarily manifesting in sucking. They can pick on or annoy others for amusement without really 'meaning it', acting condescending and so forth, expecting the other person to not make too big a deal of it. Eight … There is another theory concerning the importance of holding hands in any relationship, particularly in marriage. They don't feel things strongly at all, and are much 'tougher', much harder to upset. Because of their forthright style and take-charge approach, they are likely to end the relationship abruptly when you may not even expect it. Sanguines are not merely people who feel happy a lot.
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Eleven reasons why sex drive varies in individuals – Punch Newspapers

A Phlegmatic Melancholy in Inclusion, for instance, expresses himself as a Phlegmatic but wants the same as a Melancholy. They have trouble admitting that they are wrong, due to a strong sense of pride; they will blame others and deny facts to seem right even to the point of absurdity. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, becoming deeply upset if things are 'wrong' according to their own sense of Rightness. These are the familiar traits which defined the temperament in terms of "phlegm" in the first place, and here further distinguishes it from the Supine, which is also described as "slow-paced" , but nevertheless does have a substantial amount of emotional energy. Chances are they'd be up for whatever their friends wanted to do, and they'd do it happily. Sex is drying, especially for the male, who releases his sperm, a potent and concentrated form of the Radical Moisture, when he ejaculates.
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Therefore, it was evident that the sanguine and choleric shared a common trait: Absorbent pads, or even a folded cotton handkercief inside the crotch of the panties, will do quite well, and is a much safer and non-invasive alternative. So a "San-Mel" in the older system would be someone dominantly Sanguine, but with some Melancholy traits. For a phlegmatic, life is a happy, unexcited, pleasant experience and avoids as much involvement in anything. They may prefer to play a mediator role, telling others to 'calm down', firmly but not necessarily aggressively. Although they can be embarrassing at times, these things are part of a natural process. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here
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