So make it all right, let me take final leave. You're like a broken gin bottle baby You smell so sweet and you're razor sharp Maybe you're herald angel honey But Sonny Boy done played your harp. She was a young girl she was a hero Stood on the stage and the people cheered But the critics cut her down to zero Because she sang the words they feared And they came with their axes Brought their knives and opinions too And they cut her down like tall tall timber Tall timber in the mountain dew. Beneath your red beneath your red Beneath your red beneath your red fingernails Beneath your red beneath your red beneath your red Beneath your red beneath your red beneath your red fingernails. The steelyards and the factories Standing in the rain The empty streets and houses This place will never change When I get off that freeway I know I'm gonna feel alright. You know a forty eight Makes one big hole You pull the trigger Blow away my soul My heart gets blown to bits Yeah it shatters My heart gets blown to bits Yeah it splatters My heart gets blown to bits My heart gets blown to bits My heart gets blown to bits Bang bang bang bang. That I've gone over, over to the other side They think I told the truth but I really lied.
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Silk - Freak Me Lyrics

So I'm throwing out my rubber sheets and kinky knee high boots Going back to holding hands That's where I got my roots Throwin' out my dildos and porno magazines Goin' back to wholesome sex just like it's in my teens. Why don't you take your Galliano Cartier watch Porsche Pack up your troubles in your Gucci luggage And walk right out the door Elvis Costello and XTC you never listened to that stuff It just sat there on your coffee table till I called your bluff. The girl says she's bored With drivin' in a seventy-eight Ford Champagne, cocktails, kissed and adored But the girl says she's bored. Fuck, your beard's weird Alright You yellin' at the mic, you weird beard We doin' this once You yellin' at the mic, your beard's weird Why you yellin' at the mic? The only one I seem to return to every now and then is the last song from their second album 'Silk' , called "Remember Me". Oh the decor in this hotel room it's cheap With a sledgehammer and some dynamite I can fix it up But they always call the cops in such a hurry While I just sign the cheque and move to the penthouse And drive away
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Does Anybody Remember the Song by Silk Called "Freak Me"?

I got to o much on my mind right now I ain't got the ti He'll have to fuck Kim in my flannel I'll give him my sandals 'Cause he knows long as I'm Shady, he's gon' have to live in my shadow Exhausting, letting off on my offspring Like a gun barrel, bitch, get off me! I did nothing wrong Didn't take I can do without Freak Me, but c'mon now. They say they gave him compensation.
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Whatever happened to the revolution We all got stoned and it drifted away Whatever happened to the revolution I think it died just yesterday I think it died just yesterday. How can I smile and make it right? Where the sky meets the earth, that's the skyline Where the hair meets the head that's the hairline Where the needle meets the skin that's the mainline And where today meets tomorrow that's the deadline. Turned our fields from green to silver into steel rails, freeways rumbling. On the twenty second hour of the twenty seventh day There'll be two guys in the lobby come to take me away I got ninety thousand shares in forty companies But still my girlfriend keeps giving me the third degree. James never thought about girls He only thought about cars Never went to the drive in Or worried about singles bars So it was after midnight When he finally put down his wrench Then in the dim light he saw her Leaning against the bench.
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